Hello September Tag

September's over but I'm going to do this tag anyway! Thanks Mallory for tagging me! It looks like so much fun!

The Rules
>Please copy these questions (below), answer them, and then write out new questions (or just copy these) for the people you nominate below your answered questions.
> Please nominate at least 3 bloggers, but try to avoid ones that you know have already been nominated.
>Lastly, included these guidelines in your post, and use the tag picture!

Windy or rainy autumn? Windy

Do you like chai tea? I love chai tea! I really like to make chai lattes!

If your could go to another country just for the autumn scenery, where would you go? I have no idea. Where we live the scenery is beautiful!

Sweater or hoodie? I love them both but if I had to choose I would choose a sweater.

Favorite place to be in the autumn? Outside enjoying the cool weather or inside with a warm drink crocheting while listening to a story.

Best part about fall? The cool weather, hot Apple cider, leaves changing color, cozy blankets, pumpkins, and warm fires!
Any traditions you do in the autumn? My family likes to go pick Apple's!

Apple pie or pumpkin bread? Umm...I love them both.

Do you carve pumpkins? No, we use to.

Rather wake up early for the sunrise and scenery or stay up late for the stars? I see the stars more often then I see the sunrise.

Favorite color of fall? Orange!

Most enjoying fall activity? Processing Apple's!

I Tag: Lexah and Anita
Favorite Fall activity? Sweater or Hoodie? Hot Cocoa or Pumpkin spice coffee? Favorite Fall color? Rather wake up early for the sunrise or stay up late for the stars? Favorite part about Fall? Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas the most right now? What is one of your favorite Fall traditions? Thanks again for tagging me Mallory!!